Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Glue

When Tracy Hood-Davis (top image/wearing glasses) learned her husband had been cheating on her with as many as five other women, she got mad and then she got even!
The scorned wife from Wisconsin concocted a plan with some of the "other women" to ambush her philandering man (Donessa Davis) at a local motel, where the women tied him to a bed and blindfolded him, cut off his underwear with a pair of scissors and super glued his private parts to his stomach.
Although Tracy wasn't there for the actual showdown, she convinced the other women to enact their sticky act of revenge, say prosecutors.
A few of the women met Davis on craigslist. He was lured to the motel by one of the women (Therese Ziemann) who promised him a massage. The hapless hubby agreed to be blindfolded and tied up, but he never expected was was to come.
As he lay on the bed awaiting his massage, Therese opened the door to the motel and in rushed two other members of Donessa's unhappy harem.
After the blindfold was lifted, Donessa began to scream, scaring the women, who ran off with his cell phone, wallet and car.
Donessa was able to free himself from the bed, but he wasn't successful freeing his manhood from his belly. He needed to be transported to the hospital, where doctors unstuck his vital parts.
All of the women involved have been charged with false imprisonment. Therese also faces sexual assault and battery charges.

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