Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blind Item


She brags: "I've only been with one black man in my entire life!" The man she speaks of, was the founder and manager of a popular R&B group. Few people know-he was her sugar daddy. He invested a lot of money in her before she came to Hollywood.After she made it, she ditched him and only dated white men. He was angry and threatened to expose damaging photos of her unless she paid him his money back. A deal was reached and they parted ways.After her high profiled "short" gig ended. She started (very discreetly) turning $500 tricks to keep her head above water. She never worked through an escort agency, madam or a pimp and was able to stay booked due to her celebrity name status and good looks. This was common knowledge in the industry but the general public was unaware that she had become a call girl between gigs. And, she only slept with white men. She refused to service black male customers, oddly, she's bisexual and doesn't apply the same rule to black women.

She no longer has to trick (if we revealed why, you would know who she is).

Who is she?

Who was her sugar daddy?


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