Thursday, June 18, 2009


A Riverdale woman is in serious condition in Grady hospital this morning after her Cadillac fell on her and dragged her the length of a football field down a busy Clayton County road.
The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon when 20-year-old Dana Jones crawled under her car at a Shell station on Jonesboro Road.
Media reports say she was changing her tire at the time when the vintage Cadillac suddenly fell on her, crushing her. Witnesses say they heard Jones screaming for help as the Cadillac — with Jones pinned underneath it — slowly rolled down Hwy 138 toward a busy intersection.
Raquel Hernandez, 27, whose sister Letta Hernandez took these chilling pictures while Jones was still trapped under the car, told the Atlanta Journal she heard Jones screaming. Hernandez caught up with the car and put it in park before retrieving the car’s jack out of the trunk and attempting to lift the car off of Jones.
But lifting the car with the jack only caused Jones’ leg to become more entangled in the car’s chassis.
Letta Hernandez told the AJC she grabbed Jones’ 8-month-old baby out of the back seat along with jones’ cell phone which she used to call 911 and Jones’ sister. “She kept asking how her baby was doing,” said Hernandez.
When police and paramedics arrived, bystanders helped put the car up on 4×4s to stabilize it. Police blocked off the busy intersection so an air ambulance could land. Jones’s leg was freed from under the car and she was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital.

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