Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Housewife Drama...

Last month Sheree Whitfield [of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame]had one of the biggest fashion shows that Atlanta has seen in a long time- showing off her new line of ”She by Sheree”. At first glance everything seemed to be going well but just like my grandmother used to say to me “After the storm, there’s always a worm.” Me being me, I decided to stay after to help with the clean up but after leaving I soon found out that a big mess of gossip may be coming so I immediately turned on Freddy-O mode and overheard some interesting information. One of Sheree’s male guest was offend about being propositioned for sex, by one of the male host. This is what he told one of the workers:“This nigga just tried me, he came to me and asked if I wanted a drink, I was like cool then after 3 drinks said “I will pay you $10,000, if you come up stairs wit me. I was Like hell no, he then said 10 could turn into 20, 20 could turn into 50, it all depends on you.”After finding out this information I then told Nene what was going on and she was at a loss for words. At the time I really didn’t believe the story until -Last night, I got a call saying that Sheree and one of the hosts from the fashion show might be getting sued because the guest now feels as if his integrity and man hood has been tampered with. I then called Sheree to confirm that it really had happen she told me that:“Yes, I am aware of the incident, but cannot speak on the issues until the matter is resolved. I was told about the man and and his proposition and has had the opportunity to speak with him but I did not take part and was completely unaware of the proposition until after it had happen. “It’s funny how people will do anything to get money”. “I really think this will just blow over.”I know this is a bit much to take in but it’s all true. Sheree is going to be in the next issues of Jezebel Magazine.
Jacked from Freddy O