Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kids Tend to Blame Themselves...

LENNY KRAVITZ blames himself for his father's string of affairs - because the businessman envied the rocker's success. The Are You Gonna Go My Way hitmaker's late dad, Sy, divorced his mum in 1985 after his infidelity was exposed. Sy had built a successful career as a television executive - but Kravitz is adamant his father wanted to be a globally-recognised media mogul such as Richard Branson, Motown founder Berry Gordy, or record company boss David Geffen. And Kravitz insists it was his own success as a Grammy Award-winning artist - and his mother Roxie Roker's high-flying acting career - that turned his father into a womaniser. The rocker says, "His wife and son ended up being that thing that he wanted to be. I could understand what it was with other women, because he felt he needed to be The Man. Although he already was the man, and my mother treated him as the man. But in a superficial world, she was the star and he was not." And Kravitz recalls the day his dad's infidelity was exposed: "I brought it into the light. It was quite intense and heartbreaking. But (my mother) knew about things all my life that I didn't know about. "She would tell me stories about having me in her arms - it reminds me of the scenes in Goodfellas - and she'd go to another woman's apartment and ring the bell: 'Tell him he has to come down.'"
This man is scrumptious!

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