Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Language Barrier

I don't care what country you are in or what language you speak, I think everyone knows that three fingers means the number 3. Kimberly Vlamnick is suing the tattoo artist who put 56 stars on her face when she says she only asked him for three. She says that because he is Romanian he didn't understand her. 'I think he didn’t understand what I wanted. He spoke only fractured English and French. 'But I explicitly said in my native tongue, French, and also in a little bit of English when he looked confused, that I wanted three little stars only near my left eye.'She is now suing the tattoo artist. Umm. I don't care who you are, I think we can all pretty much agree that the guy figured out she wanted stars in whatever language they were using to communicate, and if she wasn't sure about whether he got the number right, all she needed to do was fingers, fingers, fingers. She claims she fell asleep during the procedure. Uh huh. How many of you are willing to bet that when you are getting a needle in your face for a few hours that you will probably stay awake until the procedure is finished. Also, to do three probably wouldn't have taken long enough for her to fall asleep anyway.The tattoo artist says the girl was awake the entire time and often looked in the mirror to see how everything was proceeding. I think the shocking thing here is that she only paid about $80 for all of the stars. That seems like a pretty good deal to me. I think what happened is the girl was drunk and thought that 56 seemed like a great number of stars. She then sobered up the next morning and freaked the hell out that she looked like Mike Tyson and now is suing so she doesn't look like an idiot for asking for them in the first place. To remove them is going to cost about $15,000.

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