Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Changed My Mind

The other day I endorsed or at the very least implied a suggestion to watch the new reality series "Tiny and Toya" but after reading article below re: Tiny and Toya's daughters and what they allowed them to do I retract any endorsement or implication! Read why below.

According to upset parents, the youngsters gyrated onstage as Wayne rapped his tune “I Want To F*ck Every Girl in the World” — or whatever the name of the track is.
As most of you know, the group’s lead singer is Zonnique, 12, daughter of Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. The other three members are Reginae Carter, 9, Wayne’s daughter with Antonia Carter who stars on Tiny & Toya (which premieres on BET tonight at 10pm); Bahjah Rodriguez, who turns 12 in August, and her sister Lourdes Rodriguez, who turns 11 in September.
Earlier this month, I spoke with Shamra Rodriguez, the proud mother of Bahjah and Lourdes, who told me that Bahjah’s father, Jonathen “John-John” Rasboro (of the R&B group Silk), was not aware of his daughter’s Atlanta audition with the group.
In this post I told you that Bahjah was in tears because her dad was a no-show at the audition. But Shamra did reveal that “John-John” is a deadbeat dad with at least 7 other kids spread around the U.S.
Shamra said “John John” was jailed earlier this year for a month for his refusal to pay child support for Bahjah.
A few loyal readers emailed me after the 2009 BET Awards with their shocked reactions to the Lil Wayne performance. In a post on Momlogic.com, Dr. Janet Taylor, who has two teenage daughters of her own, asked, “Why are we as women and mothers passively allowing our young girls to be utilized as sexual entertainment?”
From Momlogic.com:
I don’t have a problem with Lil’ Wayne, he is creative and his writing is brilliant at times. However, his song “Every Girl” is offensive and disturbing. Here are the shocking lyrics, read them with caution. Perhaps, they are what our kids are used to. I have teenagers, girls no less, who have heard the song and like it. My problem was the preteens who were proudly on stage, shaking their groove thang to this misogynistic, disrespectful song.
It was ridiculous. Debra Lee, the CEO of BET, also the mother of two children, should be asking herself who approved this and how these young girls were allowed to be a part of this “act”.
It is time for perspective here. In the minutes that were wasted on stage during this song, almost four women were forcibly raped in the United States. The age group 13-17, that these young “dancers” belong include the highest victims of forcible rate at 32%. Women who are are sexually or physically abused just once in their lifetime are more likely to experience a poor range of physical and mental health outcomes. READ MORE…

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  1. Well I carla coleman have 2 sons by him. Chris rasboro and john rasboro jr..john does not take care of his children. Yes he is a deadbeat father. He has his close acquaintances all in my business as well. He make promises he dont keep. He call names and wanna use to to scare u to not file and spread lies..he be on my social sites. Been numerous of problems. He try to force u not to file then harass u til u close case..he never hardly help unless u apply force..its a problem huge problem..all he does is trash me and hurt my son's. .they cried and hurt..no more