Thursday, June 25, 2009


Rapper Missy Elliott is preparing to open up about her traumatic past on the big screen - the hip-hop star is planning a biopic about her rise to fame.
The rapper/producer has seen worldwide success since kicking off her music career in the 1990s.
But her younger years were not without controversy - she was repeatedly raped by an older cousin from the age of eight and saw her mother being abused by her father, who pulled a gun on the pair on one occasion.
And after nearly two decades in show business, during which she became the only female rapper to have six albums certified platinum, Elliott is preparing to tell her life story in a forthcoming film.
She tells America's Elle magazine, "It's happening; I've just got to find a great writer because I wouldn't want my story watered down. I went through a lot, and I accomplished a lot, and I want people to know how it all went down."

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