Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"The Hogans"

(Jacked from:CrazyDays)

Linda Hogan Using Alimony For Drugs
I love the Hogan family. You really don't find this kind of inbreeding outside the Jerry Springer show. In the latest chapter of Daddy Wants To Screw His Daughter But Screws Her Lookalike Instead, everyone is in court. Well, not everyone. Just Hulk and Linda. It seems that Hulk is angry that he is paying Linda $40,000 a month for support when it could be spent on better things. Like higher quality stripper poles for his daughter and girlfriend, and new cars for his son. Instead, as court testimony indicated on Monday, it seems that Linda is spending a great deal of her support money on drugs. Her hairdresser testified that Linda would come in and cash checks so that way it looked like she was going to get her hair done and instead was getting drug money. Her favorite drugs? Marijuana with some roxycodone. I wonder how she got that prescription. Basically the whole day was just people getting up on the stand and saying what an awful person Linda Hogan is. I didn't really need people to get up on the stand to tell me that, but it was fun to read about what a horrible person she is. The worst thing I read though was the accusation that on the night Nick Hogan was released from prison she had a party for him.There were allegations yesterday that she bought and served alcohol for all the minors at the party and that she allowed drug use at the party. This I want to remind everyone was a party for her son coming home from jail who was a minor and had been drinking and almost killed someone in an accident. What kind of mother does these things? Granted, I'm sure the Hulk could be trashed on the stand also, but yesterday it was Linda's turn.Hulk's lawyer pretended that they were upset because Linda was spending money which should be saved to fight the suit brought by John Graziano. I don't even know why you are fighting it. Just pay the kid whatever he wants. That isn't what the fight is about in court though between Hulk and Linda. It is about the fact that she is spending all his money and f**king some 19 year old kid in Hulk's old bed. That is all it is. I hate them all and hope they spend every last penny they have on legal fees and then have to sell everything they own to pay John Graziano.

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