Friday, June 19, 2009

Local Letter From a Concerned Citizen...

I am from Maryland and read the Baltimore Sun every morning. This morning there was a rather disturbing article and I guess it bothered me so much because the family is Black. Sgt. David Battle, who is a triple amputee, and his wife Lakeisa seemed to have committed some kind of fraud! I am unsure if it’s fraud but this is what it smells like. A nonprofit group that builds homes for wounded veterans built them an $800,000 home in Pasadena, designed to accommodate his needs.
They were set to have a ceremony today and unfortunately that will not be happening because they already own, not one but 2 homes in Georgia. Mrs. Battle took an Army payment of $100,000 to acquire the properties and failed to disclose that they were the owners—she said on record that her cousin owned one of the homes, which was a bold faced LIE! So, the misdeeds were disclosed and confirmed when media from Georgia were confused about the ceremony and contacted officials in Maryland—this is where it was found out that the battles were going to have a ceremony in Georgia on Saturday for a home that was built for them there.
I am grateful for servicemen like Sgt. Battle, who fight on the frontline, to defend our freedom. I think it is honorable that companies (big and small), organizations, and volunteers are donating countless money, time, and energy to building homes for wounded troops. What I do not agree with is, what appears to be, someone trying to work the system and take advantage of people’s generosity. For Mrs. Battle to say that she was unaware that she needed to disclose that she owned 2 other properties because they were investment opportunities is complete FOOLISHNESS. Its just disheartening because this family, who some see as committing fraud, will probably be a poster child for why people do not give. They’re misdeeds may make it hard for another veteran whose family is truly deserving. Below is a link to the article in today’s Baltimore Sun.


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