Monday, June 15, 2009

No House or Wife Anymore!

Please note I am posting this for entertainment news only I am not posting in a malicious manner. Also, I jacked this story from Fresh Crunk Juice she is the one who wrote on the event below...

Shiela Rashad literally couldn’t wait until Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Sheree Whitfield’s yard sale. After learning that Lady Marmaduke and her two children had less than a week to vacate their foreclosed home, the former friend / business associate hit up Sheree’s crib and began snatching the goodies. My friend in the head Freddy O was there to witness the drama unfold.

The next day I happened to ride by the property and seen a Penske moving truck in the driveway. I then got nervous and called a few friends who immediately ordered that I pull into the driveway to see what was going on. Upon pulling up behind the truck I noticed kids playing with toys I had left behind. I then seen the Mexican workers loading the truck, along with Sheila Rashad and her husband. I approached her and she began to say that I was trespassing and the sheriff was on the way and I needed to leave the premises. I left and called my friends and within fifteen mins we were back at the house. Sheila put the lock back on the gate but apparently she was very nervous because she left all the doors open including the garages.
We went into the house and seen that she had stolen dishwashers, the oven, built in microwaves, warmer, cabinets, bathroom sinks, my built in closets, furniture, fixtures, electronics, workout equipment, and clothes. ALMOST EVERYTHING. The four of us are there in disbelief. We took a few pictures and I got on the line and called the police. Sheila and her husband came back with the carpenter (See Pics) and she continued to stick with her story that the people were behind them and we needed to leave. She knew that I wasn’t hearing it so she left.
The police came and I filed a police report. The witnesses were there and gave there statements as well. The officer had me call her on my phone. He told her she should return to give her statement because I was accusing her of theft. She refused. “ I like to believe in the best of people. I don’t want to believe that people can look you and your kids in the eye and smile and yet be so devious, conniving, and greedy to the point where they would do anything for a dollar. I am blessed to have God on my side who gives me my strength to carry on. ”


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