Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marvin Gaye

Raynoma Gordy (Berry Gordy's ex-wife) reveals the following in her book, "Berry, Me, and Motown."
"On April 1, 1984, I received a call from my friend Cliff. I immediately heard something strange in his voice. He said, "Marvin Gaye has just been shot and killed." I reeled from shock and disbelief.
Cliff asked, where is little Marvin?" "Oh, no," I said, with a renewed bolt of anguish. "He and Eddie went out to eat." I was heartsick. Marvin III had spent the night at our place and had left a few hours ago with Eddie. Any minute now the news would be blasting on the stereo in Eddie's car. The boys had even talked of dropping by and saying hello to Marvin's father.
I made my first phone call. "Anna, is what I heard true?" She sounded solemn, almost sedated, answering, "Yes, it is."
For an excruciating hour, I stood at the window, praying that Marvin III would be spared the unspeakable devastation of hearing it on the radio. At last, I held my breath as Eddie's car pulled up. Music was pouring out the windows and when the two got out they were dancing and laughing.
I met them at the door. "Marvin, go in the bedroom and call your mother. I watched him trot off to the phone. I took Eddie into the other bedroom. On hearing the news, Eddie's knees buckled.
It was a long time before Marvin III emerged from the bedroom, moving very slowly, fighting to hold back his sorrow, only one tear glistened his cheek. We stood together silently, lending our presence, we were unable to speak. We were quiet for a long time and then little Marvin bit his lip and said, "You know my father told me not to cry. He told me when I saw him last week, that if anything happened to him, not to cry. To just go ahead and really do great in school and get ahead in life.
'Just don't cry for me,' he said."

I remember hearing of Marvin's death while riding in the car with my parents and siblings and I won't ever forget how quiet we all got when we heard the news on the radio I asked my dad was it true and he said and my little sister use to always listen to him and Lou Rawls...


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