Monday, June 29, 2009

Mercy Me....

Again I will admit to being enlighten with this story as well. At first I was opposed to Madonna adopting another African child but then I was on fellow blog sites and noticed a lot of commenter's were going really hard on her even going so far as saying Mercy is not cute, so far from the truth, which from this picture and thinking more outside the box made me realize that Madonna isn't doing this for publicity but more so in my opinion to provide that much more of a balance in her home. Did anyone stop to think that Madonna would like for David to have a sister of color much like himself….granted it may seem odd but if you eliminate your own biased views about someone else's life you may be able to have an open mind about it…and I open mindedly think that Madonna did this for David as well as herself and the rest of her family.

Anyway Congratulations Madonna and family enjoy getting to know your new sister.

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