Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kate and Just Eight

This is the biggest entertainment story on the Internets today (in case you were wondering).
Kate Gosselin, mother of 8 and wife to none (now that Jon has flown the coop), is under fire from women’s groups for viciously spanking her child after the kid refused to stop whistling while she, Kate, was on her cell phone.
I can certainly appreciate how annoying that can be, which is why I don’t have any kids. IMO, women who know they can get moody at times should avoid having children whenever possible.
Anyway, it’s not so much that Kate spanked her child (because all moms pop their kids on occasion), but it’s the fact that she did it right out in the open, which makes one wonder how severely she punishes her brats behind closed doors.
Anyway, after the little girl dried her tears, a uniform cop wandered onto the property. It’s not clear who called him. One blog says it was the paps who called the cop to investigate an incident of child abuse. While another blog says Kate called the cops to shake the paps out of the trees and bushes surrounding her property.

I wonder if she knew this is how things would end up when deciding to have sixtuplets...

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