Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blind Item

This man was considered a musical innovator by some but he wasn't a nice man. He inflicted a lot of damage along the way.
Sadly, several of his druggie friends set him up. They brought drugs to his house, they made sure he indulged in the majority of the drugs.
When he was good and high, on the verge of passing out.
These despicable men creeped into his underage daughter's bedroom and gang raped her.
The daughter never fully recovered from the attack. Her personality changed and she became non-responsive. She never underwent therapy (after the attack) and that made her problems worse.
Sadly, she carried a lot of these issues into adulthood.
Only recently, did she start to undergo therapy, she also gave us permission to relate this story to our readers.
Her message: "To me, I always associated the word therapy with a stigma, it took me some time to overcome that stigma and seek help. I'm learning in therapy to stop blaming myself for the attack and this is the message I want to get out to others who have a similar story, it's not your fault and please seek help, it's nothing wrong with getting help!"
She never forgave her drug addicted father for putting her in this situation.

Who is he?

Who is she?

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