Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blind Item

Myra wrote:BLIND ITEM: (BLACK FEMALE CELEBRITY ACCEPTS DL BOYFRIEND)This black female celebrity was the lesser known of her two co-stars (possibly female) but she's known in the black community. Unfortunately, she's in love with a former downlow man.At the beginning of their relationship, he kept his DL status secret but months into the relationship, he decided to be honest by confessing his hidden lifestyle. He also revealed the identity of his male sex partner.Even he was shocked when she decided to stay with him.Oddly, she directs her anger towards his male lover who he's still creeping with. Whenever she sees him, she glares at him and tries to talk down to him but she never directs her anger towards her boyfriend.She's so in love and addicted to this man that rumors are circulating that she plans to invest a large sum of money in one of his projects. Who is she?

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