Friday, July 31, 2009

Blind Item

Despite being low on funds, our black male celebrity was able to scrape up enough to go buck wild in Las Vegas.
He had a rep contact the local escort agencies to request nearly a dozen women, mainly: blondes, Latins and Asians.
When they arrived at his suite, he was butt naked and buzzed, drinking Dom Perignon from a straw. He also had cocaine and ecstasy littered around the room.
According to our source, the women seemed in awe at the size of his endowment.
Like a drill sergeant, he ordered the women to line up and then he instructed them to undress.
After they disrobed, he motioned for one to come forward, he then proceeded to have sex with her in full view of everyone, after a few thrusts, he discarded her and signaled for the next woman.
He did the same thing with the next woman.
He was insatiable and aroused for a long time, he went through six women, a few thrusts, (unprotected) before finally climaxing.
As he lay spent.
He screamed: "Get the f**k out, b**ches!"
Who is he?
Hint: (Is above)-the type of women he prefers.


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