Monday, July 13, 2009

The Jacksons

Margaret Maldonado reveals the following allegations in her book, "Jackson Family Values."
During the recording of "2300 Jackson Street," there was a lot of infighting taking place between the brothers. Not a day went by that one or more of them wouldn't be on the phone in an uproar. Jermaine complained about Tito spending too much time with his cars and model airplanes. The buzz on Randy was that he was never around when they needed him. They nicknamed him "Grand Opening," because they said he had time for the opening of a new restaurant or nightclub.
But nothing was as bad as the back-and-forth bickering between Jermaine and Jackie. Both of them wanted to sing the lead vocals on every song on the album.
The recording was not the only topic of discussion. The girlfriend merry-go-round gave them all something to talk about. Jackie, now divorced from Enid and done with Paula Abdul, had begun to see a girl named Victoria. At the same time he was seeing actress Lela Rochan.
One day Victoria would be at the house. The next day it would be Lela. Neither of them knew about the other's existence. It got even worse when Jackie and Victoria became officially engaged and Jackie continued to bring Lela to the house.
That was mild compared to what was going on with Randy. Randy was seeing a beautiful Persian girl named Eliza, whom he'd met at a nightclub. Eliza was also dating Gabriel Horowitz, a professional gambler and former husband to L.A. prosecutor Marcia Clark. Randy was crazy about Eliza but not quit crazy enough that he didn't have another girlfriend on the side. He had met Alijandra Loaiza and rented her an apartment. The relationship remained hot until the afternoon Randy made a surprise visit to the apartment and found Alijandra in bed with her best friend's boyfriend. Randy was so upset he ran outside and sat crying on the curb.



  1. What the Hell!!! Drama Drama Drama!

  2. Yes Maam and it will only get worse!