Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hidden Abuse Blind Item # 1

To the public, she has the world in her hands. She's young and rich but few people know that this black female celebrity was involved in a very abusive relationship with a famous man who has yet to be identified, all she will say in regards to her abuser, "he's a celebrity."
She's dated her share of famous men.
When she was away from the public eye, she was really hiding her bruises.
Her relative helped her hide the abuse and was instrumental in her leaving the abusive man.
The public would be shocked to learn her identity because on the surface she appears so confident and self assured but in reality, she's insecure, needy-and tolerated abuse until her relative intervened.
We can't reveal her occupation or it would be a dead giveaway because she's a rarity in her field.
Who is she?


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