Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blind Item

This man really is pathetic. Despite his advanced age, he competes with male relatives. His latest girlfriend that he keeps out of the public eye is an 20-year-old Latina who is often seen in barely legal clothing. She's making a fool out of him and laughing behind his back. He funnels money to her, she turns around and gives it to her other "younger" man unbeknownst to the geezer.Instead of trying to age gracefully, our geezer continues to be a womanizer with the help of Viagra. The rare times he gets aroused, it's such a big deal, he calls his male relatives and brags "I still got the juice and I just threw it down with my much younger girlfriend."The relatives play along with him, but are disgusted by his behavior and wonder will he ever grow up? He's become a major family embarrassment. On one occasion, the relatives had to talk him out of bringing his girlfriend to a family event around his significant other. He was so caught up (playboy style) in wanting the world to see his younger girlfriend in her micro mini, that he momentarily forgot he had a significant other.This man is also an money grubber and will do anything to keep his naughty hottie in the latest designer wear, bling and monthly allowance. He's always been greedy but she plays a major role in his money motivation. All of the money coming his way, a large portion of it is going to her. He basically pays her to stay with him. Meanwhile, behind his back, she's telling her girls that he's a gross old man and a lousy romantic, but hey, he pays the bills!

Who is he?


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