Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blind Item

One of her relatives is a celebrity and she always used that to her advantage to get at famous men. She dated rappers and ballers but they soon discarded her after sex.
She's a pretty girl but to get noticed in Los Angeles, you have to be more than pretty.
She milked her "associated" celebrity for all that it was worth. Attending parties, meeting celebrities. She even created a business that catered to celebrities and then it all came crashing down when she discovered she had a taste for alcohol.
She began drinking non-stop and became a blackout drunk. Her once good looks are gone and her face is swollen from liquor and hard living. She was even spotted clutching a paper bag that contained liquor (which she pulled out of the bag to open) and she was staggering down the sidewalk and this was at 9.a.m. in the morning, according to our source. She also carries a flask.
It's even been rumored that she picks up random men for sex when the urge hits.
She's unkempt and unrecognizable.
Another Hollywood casualty.
Despite not being the celebrity, she's still known.
Who is she?
Hints: In the past, she's dated a NBA superstar (who's still active) and a famous rapper.

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