Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Janet from Three's Company

Drinking and driving is always stupid. However if you are at the edge of whether or not you think you are able to drive, the 4th of July is probably not the best day to try and accomplish that task. Joyce DeWitt, who played Janet on the long running show Three's Company was arrested on Saturday afternoon for suspicion of DUI.Yes, you read that right. It was the afternoon. Not that I wasn't drunk by mid-afternoon on Saturday either, but I didn't get in a car either. Oh, and unlike Joyce I didn't try and drive past a police barricade either. That is a sure fire way to get pulled over. "Hmmm. That looks like a DUI checkpoint. Why don't I drive right around that and see what happens?"You get pulled over is what happens. Joyce was sent to jail where she posted bail in the amount of $5,000.


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