Thursday, July 16, 2009

Groupie Tale R Rated Read...

Young Buck has always been sexy as hell to me. Too bad he had to get caught up with 50 and all his mess. Smh. Check the story below...Ok this was back when I Stay Fly remix came out and Young Buck, Three Six Mafia, 8Ball and MJG and whoever else was on the track was celebrating the release of Three Six Mafia’s new album. I wasn’t too crazy about going because I'm not really into that down south music but anyways I ended up going and had the best sex ever with Young Buck and girlllllssss let me tell you that’s one n*gga you should ALL have sex with in your lifetime. Me and my girlfriend (literally I'm bi) along with a couple of our other friends went to Club Exit in NY. As we are there chilling and just enjoying ourselves we decided to try our luck in getting into the VIP area but that sh*t ain't work so we was like f*ck them n*ggas and started partying back with everyone else (all that my dress was short or my outfit was skimpy and that’s how we got backstage is bullsh*t the security guards don’t wanna hear that shit especially since they are not the ones u trying to get up with so smh @ all the other broadz who say that’s how they got up in VIP). Like I said before I'm not a fan of down south music and it seemed like that’s all the DJ was playing so me an my girl stepped outside so I could smoke a blunt and get some type of buzz so I could enjoy myself. As we are outside mind you it was sooooo friggin' cold and us being us had on some lil' ass dresses and our coats was still inside in the coat check me and my shorty are hugging trying to keep warm, while we are in the back smoking, talking I'm touching and kissing her cause even with out him we would of got it poppin' lol but he made it that much better. We’re out there chilling and this black escalade pulls up so we pay no attention to it until out walk Mr. Young Buck himself and some other dude who we later find out is Spyder Loc along with two big ass dudes that looks like the black version of the big show lmao but omg Buck is so f*ckin sexy I wanted to just jump on his ass right there but me an my shorty played it cool and just continued blowin our blunt then Spyder says to my girl “Damn Ma your ass is fat” and Buck and the guards start laughing and she says thank u so he starts small talking with her and I don’t mind cause she knew Buck was my type so we figured we’ll use this n*gga to get at Buck so she says this is ****** my girl and he’s like word yo ya’ll look cold come in with us. We look at each other and knew right then and there it was gonna go down. We walked straight pass security. Now we are in VIP and me and my shorty was like f them other broadz we came with lmfao they are still mad with us to this day but shit if they was getting the backshots Buck was giving me I'm pretty sure they would have been like f* me too so whatever. So while in VIP me and Buck started talking, we chilled whatever I wasn’t interested in anything he was saying except the part when he was like so yall comin to chill wit a n*gga or what. We drove back to the hotel, the shit was laced the penthouse suite smh the bed was big enough for all three of us. Idk where Spyder disappeared too and I was happy, he wasn’t my type mad cocky for no reason. In the telly we smoked maybe like 5 blunts and was drinking some henny I swear we killed that mini bar anyway he keeps asking us if we really are lesbians and I told him actions speaks louder than words we asked him could we use his bathroom to take a shower and he was like go ahead. As we are in the shower as high as we were I think we forgot where we was for a split second cause b4 we finished in walks Buck stalk naked and yoooooooooooo this n*gga got the body of a god, abs for days and his d*ck is long and thick just scrumptious. He comes in and joins us and we didn’t do nothing in the shower he just basically kept telling us he didn’t believe that we are girlfriends. We get out the shower and I told him to sit on the chair which was facing the bed and my girl told him to roll up again so while he is rollin' up we (Me and my girl) start kissing and then she starts suckin' on my breast by this time he is jus smoking watching us then we did a 69 for him then my girl calls him over to the bed and as I'm kissing him she is giving him head then we switch and I gave him head while she is kissing him he ask me to suck on her breast while he eats it from the back and he does his thing just the right amount of suckin' and bitin' then out of no where he tells me to eat my shorty out again with my ass sticking up so I oblige cause now I'm in the motherf*cking zooooooonnnneeee he gets up and put on a condom then gets on the bed and sticks it in OMFG this n*gga was digging my back out with no remorse I swear I felt it in my stomach his pipe game is so f*ckin' amazing yo he deserves an award I'm talking long deep strokes this n*gga is hittin places I never knew exist he has his hands wrapped around my waist, holding me jus giving me the business after he cums he’s like we gonna smoke some more and then he gonna put it on her and we smoked took another shower and she rode him while I kissed and sucked on her breast then he gave her some back-shots while kissing and suckin my breast and playing wit my pu**y. After we finished we laid there and idk when I fell asleep but I remember my girl waking me up then we left he kept saying we had him open like a window lol he gave us $1000 like a oz a weed and we exchanged #’s he called a few times for me and my girl to get down with him and his boys but we was like nah and that was that quite frankly I didn’t give a f*ck I got mines lol…. I would give him a 10 out of 10 and I would do that sh*t again in a f*ckin heartbeat with jus him that sh*t was soooooooooo good. Do I consider myself a groupie hell nooooo he was our groupie that nite.
Now as y'all know, there's now way for me to find out whether or not this is true. But before y'all go and claim that ain't no celebrity dude eating p*ssy, I know a "celebrity" who personally told me about an experience he had with two lesbians in which he did go down and fully enjoyed himself. Just food for thought...



  1. This is more like a lesbian tale than young buck but damn..

  2. young buck can you get me these chicks numbers? i'm tryin to get down with them and fuck! real talk.

  3. Young Buck could've gotten it if it was ten years ago for Im onto Jeezy!

  4. jeezy dont eat!