Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Still Wear the Pants...

Many sources have reported that T.I. is unhappy with Tiny putting their life on display with her new BET show “Tiny and Toya”.
But interestingly enough, we hear that T.I. has taken things a step further and requested to BET execs that the show be pulled off the air immediately!!
T.I. was against the show from the beginning but wanted to let Tiny live a little and try to revive her career. But sources close to the situation say that once he actually watched the show in prison, he was embarrassed and royally pissed about the way the BET show portrays his fiance and the mother of his children.
BET has no intention of pulling the show off the air at this time, but the real question is: Will Tiny buckle under T.I.’s pressure and scrap the whole thing immediately??? I wonder if Lil Wayne feels the same as T.I..


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