Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Justin Timberlake unleashed his machismo today (July 14) when a photog got a little too close to the mega-star outside the London Hotel in Hollywood.
Expletives flew and the photog placed his camera equipment on the ground to prepare for an exchange of blows.
Despite being softened by the luxuries of celebrity, Mr. Timberlake was not afraid to confront the man and they squared off for a heated jawing session before hotel staff intervened.
Justin is notorious for his scorn for the paparazzi and fearless when it comes to confrontation, though backup from a complete staff of hotel workers, his driver and his bodyguards probably aided in puffing up the heated young actor/musician/designer/impromptu street fighter.
So what could explain JT’s breakdown in behaviour? The pop star/aspiring actor recently lost out on the much-hyped Green Lantern role to Ryan Reynolds.


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