Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can't Let Go...

Few people know that this very popular black female celebrity who loves to keep it gangsta at all times has a problem of letting go in relationships. She is a certified stalker and hates to take no for an answer. Word got back to her that her boyfriend at the time (who may or may not be famous) was making it rain at a strip club and was later seen in VIP receiving a succession of lap dances.She rushed down to the strip joint packing heat. She actually took the gun out of her purse as she headed up the stairs to confront him, luckily, his bodyguard saw her marching up the stairs with the gun and tackled her to the ground, he managed to retrieve the gun from her. This incident was hushed up. Later, she suspected this same boyfriend of entertaining a woman in his house, she rushed over to the house, took a rock and shattered the window (activating the alarm) and was climbing through the window slowly (broken glass and all) to confront him when the cops arrived.Again, this incident was hushed up. People in her inner circle say: "She falls in love real quick, she's suffocating and clingy and the men always leave!""She can't handle rejection or abandonment and she acts out. When the relationship breaks up, she always go through a stalking phase with the men, never letting go. Her manager always has to intervene and talk sense into her, when this happens, she usually backs off." Ex-boyfriends are quoted as saying, "It's a nightmare being in a relationship with her.Who is she?
Jacked from Pananche Report

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