Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blind Item

At one time, this black female celebrity was the highest paid in her field. She was able to diversify from that field and become successful in different arenas.
When her daughter got married (last husband) our female celebrity let the couple live in one of her properties as an wedding gift; a $5 million dollar home.
Little did she know, they planned to completely mooch off her. Everything was charged to her. Examples: If they went shopping at a gourmet market, they would run up a bill and say, "Just put it on her account."
When the daughter and her husband went shopping for designer threads, they would tell the Rodeo salesgirls, "just send her the bill."
When they slept in late, which was often and ordered in, they would have the food bill sent to her business manager.
They were so trifling, they refused to pay the utilities, the bill was forwarded to her. When they went car shopping and selected a Benz, they also had that bill sent to her.
Everything came to a halt when our female celebrity stormed in the mansion, rushed upstairs and told them to wake the f**k up! According to our source, she got really gangsta and screamed, I am no longer your f**king meal ticket!
Pack, I'm evicting you both!
Needless to say, after they got evicted, and the good life was taken away, hubby didn't waste any time divorcing the daughter.
Who is this black female celebrity?
Hint: Swirl.

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