Thursday, June 4, 2009

#1 Rapper My Butt!

Irv get's something off his chest....

“I got a thing with Eminem,…This has nothing to do with the beef. I don’t really feel like I have beef with Eminem. This has no hatred or nothing. This is just my opinion on it. Vibe did a thing, and they had him as the #1 rapper. Sh– like that kinda pisses me off. You know why? Because let’s take Eminem’s records. Watch my analogy. Eminem is a great artist, no doubt. He puts words together, he’s witty, a smart lyricist, a great lyricist. But how can we say the guy is the best rapper alive? Look at Hov. He makes real records. Every one of Eminem’s first singles is some clown shit. He’s clowning. Is that the #1? That’s not my #1 rapper, man…No disrespect, you’re a great lyricist, but I come from a school — I know they ‘battled’ in ‘8 Mile’ — but I come from where they battled on the streets with guns out…They would have put you under pressure. All that ‘off the top,’ they would have put you under pressure. I been to battles with X, Jay and Ja, that was some real shit. Homie, you wouldn’t been able to survive.”

Irv has made some very valid points I like Eminem as well until as of late with him bashing women again in his songs-so overdone...but #1 Rapper is questionable...

(Source: LifeFiles)

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