Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baller Shot Caller

When it comes to team sports, it appears that NBA players father the most children. Example: Former NBA player Calvin Murphy has 14 children by 9 different women. Former NBA player Jason Coffey has 10 kids and NFL player Travis Henry reportedly has 11 kids by 10 different women. A former NY Knick who at one time was making $200,000 per month in salary retired early due to child support payments. He had three kids with his wife and 12 kids outside his marriage, after child support, taxes and agent commissions were deducted he only brought home $15,000 per month.
Why would men or women risk their lives by having unprotected sex? Especially professional athletes who know gold diggers target them for money and pregnancy yet they still have unprotected sex with them. It boggles the mind.
A NBA player (you would only know him if you followed the sport) was dating a scandalous former reality star. She was also dating a NBA superstar at the same time. She allegedly contracted herpes from the first NBA star (mentioned) and his second mistress had three abortions by him and the fourth time she got pregnant, she had the baby. He has numerous children with his wife and an additional mistress on the East Coast who also had his child, can't be found.
Another former NBA player is well known because of his former significant other. He fooled around so much on his wives. He fathered 2 kids in one year (by 2 different women).
He has several kids, allegedly, child support payments and alimony are creating money problems and he's scrambling to meet his financial obligations.
Who is he?
Who was his significant other?
Who was the reality star who dated two NBA players at the same time. Hint: Does she have a thing for married ballers?

In searching for photos of Hoopz I didn't realize she turned her 15 minutes into a ass campaign...eeel didn't she win on "For the Love of Money" why does she have so many ass photos of herself sorry but when I see pictures of her partially nude I get nauseous!

(Source: PanacheReport)

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