Friday, June 5, 2009

Blind Item...


This black male celebrity is never taken seriously. Women date him-just because and he's known for being freaky. It's always been rumored, if you don't disrobe at an certain time after his parties wind down, you're asked to leave the premises.
He wants to be down so bad-and he wants to be a world renowned player of epic proportions.
He's done illicit things, and one thing in particular, he continues to milk to try and pick up women, it worked recently in Las Vegas.
He was at an private club, in the VIP area, surrounded by white girls, getting plastered. A lot of touching and groping went on.
Our celebrity got aroused and dared one of the women to get on her knees and take care of him, "right here! right now!"
She laughed him off and led him to the dance floor with the other girls in tow. After freak dancing to a few songs, he finally persuaded her to go down on him.
The other girls saw what was going on and tried to obstruct the view by surrounding them.
Meanwhile, the girl was on her knees and got as far as unzipping him, he was exposed when security approached them and threw the entire crew out on the streets.
Our celebrity regained his composure and proceeded to take the girls to his hotel suite where an all night orgy took place with drugs and booze.
Who is he?
Personally I think it's Ray J in my opinion Jamie prefers males...
(Source: PanacheReport)

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