Friday, June 5, 2009

Can he make a $ out of 50 Cents???

As we reported yesterday, 50 Cent will appeared in court yesterday (June 2nd) for a lawsuit he recently filed against a contractor for allegedly overcharging the G-Unit general for repairs to his infamous multi-million dollar Connecticut home. 50 Cent says he hired BVH Integrated Services to perform repairs to his Farmington mansion that were set to cost $44,000 but the company billed him for $2.7 million dollars. 50 Cent says simply that he would have not bought the house to begin with if he knew about the damages. “I would not have purchased the property with $1 million worth of work to do. To be honest I would not have purchased a house with $700,000 worth of damages,” 50 Cent testified in court. “I would have felt I was living in a construction site.”


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