Thursday, June 4, 2009

From Ho to Housewife???

I follow the series on Bravo "Real Housewives" and one of the housewives from the New Jersey season has a sordid past. It has been revealed in previous shows but for some reason this spread out of Star Magazine (sooo newsworthy ; ( peaked my interest even more...the text is barely legible but have a looksy anyway...

Tell me, why am I secretly laughing my azz off....LOL

Read more nasty little tales about her below:

Real Housewife of New Jersey and former "coke whore" Danielle Staub worked for an escort service in Miami in the late 1980s, according to an interview her ex-husband Kevin Maher gave to Star. There's lots more.Maher, whose career as a paid informant for DEA, FBI, and NYPD was memorialized in Charles Kipps' Cop Without a Badge, sold the torrid, seedy, and exclamation-pointed story of his marriage to Staub to the tabloid weekly. Here's the good stuff:Maher met Staub in Miami in 1986. "[She] was a paid escort with a local service, says Kevin, and claimed that she had been with numerous celebrities. She was also a 'raging nymphomaniac.'"They met cute a party that sounds exactly like you'd imagine a party in Miami in 1986 would be: "Everyone was having sex out in the open in the suite. Beverly was on top of a guy on the couch, but she was looking at me. Afterward, when she went into the bathroom to shower, I followed her in—we had sex on the floor!"Unsurprisingly, Maher says they "were both messed up because of all the cocaine we were doing," which naturally led to marital discord. "We'd have big arguments, she'd kick and punch and the cops would come," he told Star. "They arrested me four or five times. Once, they arrested both of us after she slashed my arm with a knife."As a stripper, Staub did some pretty neat tricks: "She was like a gymnast! She could do anything! One time, on her birthday, she came home with $6,000—and I was sure there were some sexual favors involved."Sorry, Kevin, we don't believe this one: "Having sex six times a day wouldn't even satisfy her!"The couple married in 1988, while Maher was still married to another woman. They split the next year. Maher also told Star that Staub was dating a high-level Colombian cocaine dealer and out on $10,000 bail related to an extortion charge when they met. Her boyfriend had held one of his clients hostage for nonpayment, and she was got caught up in the arrest. She pleaded guilty and did five years' probation.On last night's show, Staub vaguely denied the charges laid out in "the book," saying she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when her boyfriend was arrested and refusing to answer anything else. "Even if I was that person, that monster they portrayed me to be, wouldn't they have picked up on that?" We guess, maybe, sure!"This book has come to haunt me," she said, "and I have to do a lot of damage control about things that I lived in my life and things that have happened. [But] there's dialogue and dialect written everywhere about everyone."We were curious so we called Maher and got some more information. He told us that Staub actually put her boyfriend and an accomplice away, and that he's worried they might come looking for her. "She locked up two people," he said. "That was part of the deal." When Maher found out Staub was out on bail, he used his law enforcement connections to cut her a deal."You give this guy and another guy," he says he told her, "and I'll go to the U.S. Attorney and get you a supervised release." Staub cooperated, and her boyfriend was sentenced to 15 years."The guy she locked up was a high-level drug dealer from MedellĂ­n," Maher said. "Now he's out. What do you think he's gonna do when he sees her face on TV and knows exactly where she lives? She's got to be out of her fucking mind." She probably is. But Bravo is not, and Maher says the network should have known that, given Staub's past, letting her pursue her own aggrandizement on their air might have consequences: "How culpable is Bravo going to be when this woman gets killed?" It's a strange argument coming from an informant who put plenty of people in jail and went on to participate in a book about his exploits, but he would know.Maher also said that Staub is a bisexual, which we guess makes sense in a porny kind of way. "Let's talk about her bisexuality," he said. "She liked strip clubs for two reasons: The fast money, and the availability of beautiful young women around her."


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