Monday, June 8, 2009

He Made a $ out of 50 Cents : )

50 Cent reached a settlement late yesterday (June 5th) in his multi-million dollar lawsuit against an engineering company for incorrectly estimating repairs for his infamous Connecticut mansion. The G-Unit general sued the company saying the company gave him an estimate for $500,000 but since he bought the house in 2004, 50 says he has spent over $6 million dollars. 50 Cent says he paid BVH Integrated Services $14,000 to give him an estimate on fixing up the former home of heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. BVH said despite it’s size (48,000 square feet, 52 rooms), that the home was not “manion-quality,” but their Vice President did admit their figure could have been inaccurate due to low time period they had to conduct the estimate. Currently the terms of the settlement have not been made public.

Good for 50 cent I used to dislike his character and persona but as of late I'm seeing a mature side to him something I once found harsh and cruel within has been replaced with sensitivity and opinion only!

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