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According to author Dr. Andrew Cook, the 120-plus years hype over Jack the Ripper has all been a bunch of baloney.
Cook adds: "Jack The Ripper" was nothing but the brainchild of unscrupulous journalists who were desperate to sell newspapers."
In 1888, the infamous serial killer was blamed for slashing to death at least 5 prostitutes in London. Cook says, "The Ripper couldn't have committed all those killings because he never existed." All the murdered hookers were done in by different men.

Cook discovered that journalists at London's Star newspaper were the first people to claim that the same person had killed all three victims. The newly started Star was locked in a life or death circulation war. The Star's sales soared when it reported that a boot maker was suspected of murdering three hookers. But when the boot maker was exonerated. The paper's circulation plunged.

To save the day, says Cook, the Star published a forged letter signed by the fictitious Jack The Ripper-the first time the name appears anywhere in history.
The letter sent the Star's circulation skyrocketing.
But, today, a handwriting analyst hired by Cook has declared unequivocally that the letter was actually penned by Star writer Frederick Best.
Cook's deductions are backed up by statements from experts who actually investigated the case.

Source: Kelly Corcoran

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