Friday, June 5, 2009


A Fulton County landlord said Tuesday that a young mother was evicted by mistake. The homeowner said Fulton County Marshals evicted his tenant because they went to the wrong house.
The tenant, a young mother, was getting home from work when she got the call that all of her furniture was on the front lawn. When the tenant got home, she said most of her belongings were already taken by looters.
Stills said it happened while she was at work and looters took most of her valuables, but she did put as much as she could, especially her clothing back in the apartment.
Dennis Taylor owns the property where Stills is a tenant.
“She’s paying her rent on time with no problems,” said Taylor.
Taylor said his tenant has lived at 2159 for several years, but the eviction notice was for the people next door.
“They got the wrong house; you see the house they’re supposed to be getting is next door. This is 2159 Apartment 1 and 2,” said Taylor. “That’s the house right there that was supposed to be evicted,” said Taylor.
Taylor said he thought the mistake happened because another home claims it is also 2159. Taylor said the owner built the home without a permit and then stole his house number. (Source)
I still don’t know how two homes could have the same address…but regardless of that, it would seem that Fulton County officials would man up and take responsibility for this woman’s loss. I haven’t heard of any proposed resolution and so far the county is standing by their actions. Horrible!


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