Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Skinny Lindsay

Nervously chomping away at her nails, Lindsay Lohan was seen making her way to Samantha Ronson’s home in Los Angeles today (June 8).
It has been said that the turbulent couple is back on ‘on-again’ status but the bigger rumour yet to be confirmed is that the two are now engaged!
Yes, that’s right, Lindsay has been seen with a ring on her engagement finger for the last couple of nights and she even confirmed the reunion on her Twitter page after the couple flew home together last night.
On this outing, Lindsay had a bunch of items in her hands as she made her way into the house she once shared with Sam, making it hard to tell if she was actually her ring, and if so, she did a great job hiding it!

Lindsay is resembling Amy Winehouse to me....


  1. She had a bright future at one time.


  2. Resurrected

    Yeah Lindsey has fallin off I feel so sorry for her because when she did that movies about the car Curby I think that is what it is called she looked a hell of a lot healthy as a person...