Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still a Non-Believer Huh???


For the first time ever, science has acknowledged that demonic possession is a real affliction and can be treated like any other disease!
A hospital in the city of Fafe, Portugal has opened a six-bed exorcism ward and is accepting victims of possession on an in-patient basis.
The average day is three days, during which medium Fernando Nogueira uses his paranormal skill to banish evil spirits.
Some of his patients are so desperate they've tried to kill themselves. "This is my emergency room," say Nogueira, casting a somber glance around the ward.

This particular subject has interested me throughout the years and I am a believer in possession I've read different books on the matter in addition to doing my own research and this was over a decade ago, it seems more mainstream than initially anticipated.

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