Friday, June 5, 2009

Again-In the Line of Duty SMH!

Today, funeral services were held here in Bed Stuy for murdered NYPD officer Omar Edwards. Only 25 years old, Edwards was a two-year veteran of the force, a father of two and a newlywed. A reporter from WNYC radio had the opportunity to interview some of Edwards' friends and neighbors:I have seen hundreds of people, most of them police officers, filling the streets of Bed Stuy for the past few days for Edwards' wake and this morning's funeral services. People are outraged and heartbroken. Many people, including Edwards' father, have expressed sympathy for Andrew Dunton, the officer who fired the fatal shots. Not me. Fuck him.I have been unable to find a picture of Dunton anywhere, unsurprisingly. If anyone can locate one, please let me know. We need to know what this monster looks like, so that we may protect ourselves from him. Sadly, I find it very unlikely that he will be fired from the department, so we need to know what he looks like so that we may avoid him at all costs. If some of the Bloods or Crips want to take care of him, well, that wouldn't bother me one bit. While Dunton is currently on desk duty, in cases like this, the offending White officer is typically allowed to return to the streets, with no regard for his lack of ability to show the reasonable judgement required to be a cop. Dunton has had four civilian complained filed against him in his 4.5 years with the NYPD. Two of them were for excessive force. Two of them are as-yet unresolved complaints that were filed in the past year. Only 10% of NYPD officers receive even one complaint in a year. The Associated Press' Colleen Long wrote a very small minded piece that was widely circulated when the shooting first occurred. It started out as so:
NEW YORK — It's a police officer's nightmare scenario: Confronting someone who appears to be an armed suspect and opening fire, only to discover that person was actually an officer not in uniform.No, you privileged idiot, you got that all wrong. Here's a revision: It's a Black police officer's nightmare scenario: you are in plainclothes and confronting a suspect, only to discover that a White officer has also responded to the crime and assumes that you, too, are a criminal. If shooting innocent Black men was such a big fear for White cops, then it wouldn't happen so often. They wouldn't be so apt to shoot first, ask questions last.


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