Friday, June 5, 2009

She needs Religion not Rehab!

Amy Winehouse had this to say regarding her Blaaaaaaaaake incaaaaaarcerated's baby-on-the-way with his rehab (irony!) girlfriend: "I couldn't have given him kids - and anyway I want black kids, not white kids."Upon reading this, my head exploded. What's wrong with White kids? SHE'S White! Sadly, I have no doubt in my mind that if Amy's battered and broken body can even create a fetus, she won't have a problem finding a willing Black man to help her make those dreams come true. A lot of brothers will stick their magic stick in a rusty can if there's a White pussy attached. Shoot, a lot of of 'em would run up in Paris Hilton, so long as there's a White pussy inside. Tell me I'm lying. Risking gangrene, typhus or what ever nasty heroin user woman's disease Amy has would be nothing to some of your brothers and friends. And she got money? Shoot, she's in the game. Less teeth just equals better head, right? Amy stay trying to get in to stuff she has no business with. First, a clothing line (!!!!!!) and now motherhood? I am disturbed at the notion of Amy Winehouse bearing/adopting/touching a child of any race.

What the hell is wrong with Amy she deserves no kids with the amount of self-hatred she constantly displays to the world.....Damn this is so stupid!


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  1. WHAT THE HELL! She needs to go and sit her ass down somewhere and get some help. DAMN!