Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Awww Sh T!

FYI this story takes place before Eva. Needless to say, enjoy...
Well since all these stories about women and celebs have been popping up I figured I'd tell mine. With none other than sexy chocolate Lance Gross!!! Now this was before his current fame but believe he's was a celeb on Howard's campus since he stepped foot on it---So I hear. My run in took place during Howard's homecoming after a night at the club, Lance told me to meet him at his hotel room, even gave me a key. When I got there he had just got out the shower. So I made myself at home in his bed. To my surprise he came out the bathroom completely naked!!! His body is the BIZNEZZ!!! The package was great and he knew it. There were no words he just walked up on me, stood over me as I laid in the bed with the look on his face like, "You know wussup" So I put him into my mouth. He seemed to like it most when I gaged on it. You know that nasty freaky sh*t. Soon he stopped me and wanted to watch me play with myself. A little nervous but I did. After watching for a moment he joined in with his hands and his tongue. That boy was absolutely amazing! He wouldn't stop until I came. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did! Which was a major turn on! Then he had his way with me. I WAS OPEN! He slipped on a condom and turned me around and went to work on me from behind, gripping my butt cheeks. As I would try to run he would pull me back, controlling me. He hit his nut and was at it again! We hit every position I could think of. A total workout! After we took a shower together, he kissed me goodnite and I left a new woman. We actually kept in touch with random visits off and on until this current relationship:-/ thats when it ended BOO YOU EVA!!!


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