Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tales from Another Groupie...

I don't know who this player is but I gotta kick out of this tale from another groupie ; )

How did I meet him?

I met him at a club on South Beach, Miami. I was not really interested at first because he pulled on my shirt to get my attention and I looked at him like...really? We exchanged numbers once my friend told me who he was. I realize he's not the highest paid, but he likes to spend money.

How is he in bed?

He used to always brag about how good the d*ck was and how he didn't eat p*ssy because he didn't need to because the d*ck was so good. He had me all excited with all this talk. When we finally got down to the get down...he took a shower and got in the bed naked. It was dark in the room so I couldn't see what "it" looked like. I started to feel down there and in my mind I'm thinking, "does he have it tucked away somewhere, because this feels really small?" I was laying on my stomach and he decided after playing with my p*ssy with his fingers for a while to f*ck me. First off he made no attempt to wear a condom. I am so serious he took two (2) pumps and nutted. He is the definition of a minute-man. If the look on my face could kill, he would have been dead. First he was super small and ridiculously quick. I asked him, "are you serious?" He was not going to leave me hanging. I decided to give him some head. Visual: put your thumb in your mouth...yes that small. He got hard again and lasted for maybe 4 minutes this time and came again. I got up and had to get myself "off" in the shower.

Would I do it again?

I'm not going to lie I did it several more times. It was always whack and under 120 seconds. I can't even answer why I kept sleeping with him. It was probably because he would cum in me and I was seeing dollar signs. Call me what you want. I'm sure I've heard it before.How would I rate him?On a scale of 1-10 he would get a 1.

Bahahahhahah! Eeel call her what we want shit I won't be calling her at all-unprotected sex with a worm....hell to the nah!


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