Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back in Tha Day!

Tony Turner reveals the following in his book, "Deliver Us From Temptation."

"Since the beginning of the 80's, nobody I knew had been paying much attention to Motown Records. Even Diana Ross had stormed out of the company in 1981.
"Reportedly, because Gordy wouldn't honor her three conditions for re-signing: Make me a vice president like Smokey Robinson, give me my own label, "Ross Records," and most important of all, finally make me Mrs. Gordy."
"Diana had been watching her friend Cher take charge of her own life and career, and she wanted to do the same. She was sick of being dependent on Gordy."
"According to the grapevine, Diana told Berry that she would quit if he didn't give her what she wanted and he said, No way. He didn't believe she'd do it. No one believed Ross would leave the cocoon Berry had sheltered her in.
Nevertheless, she said good-bye."
"That's when she discovered that the yellow convertible Rolls Royce and super-stretch Mercedes that Gordy had gift wrapped and delivered to her door as birthday and Christmas presents had never really been hers."
"They were just perks of her employment at Motown, owned by the company, little extras that Gordy sent someone to retrieve when Diana, no longer an employee had stopped playing the game."


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