Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scroungy Dog

Jim Jones was never a person to bite his tongue and a new post on his twitter shows that. “Above all Summer Jam was dope,” Jones wrote via Twitter unmodified. “And I got to see Jay-Z who refused to get out of his van when he saw my pretty face. We was mobbin’, he’s still a sucka…A old sucka. lol,” Jim Jones wrote. The Byrd Gang leader continued by bringing up Jay-Z’s new “Death Of Autotune” track saying “We back and if he killed autotune then we must be Easter the resurrection. lol Shouts to Soulja Boy Tell Em, he ripped…I saw Jay-Z and Tata they didn’t say nothin but sit they a** down when they saw the Spartan 300’s lol…I’m glad to see I got everyone on Twitter’s attention. I love Twitter, it’s trouble maker, good morning everyone.”

I do not like Jim Jones so it's odd that I'm posting about him but what intrigued me was his reason for adoring twitter so much-it starts trouble....now you see why I don't like him!


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