Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blind Item: "That Blinging Way of Life"

This rapper stays financially afloat by riding dirty and pushing weight on the side. He also has several other side hustles. He's obsessed with keeping up with his peers on an material basis.
Several rappers are suspected of being involved with a few contract hits for rival drug gangs, this rapper is no exception. It's never been proven but he loves the reputation, it adds to his street cred/allure and instills fear.
With few hit records, people have always whispered, how can he afford more than one home? How can he afford the expensive bling draped around his neck and fingers?
He's discreet in the public eye about his shady dealings but he enjoys the rumors that circulate around the hip hop industry.
He's so possessed with having the bling-bling lifestyle, it's doubtful he will ever be on the up and up.
Rumor has it, he's now trying to get additional money by gun running.
Who is he?


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