Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When does Flirting Go to Far?

I was having a discussion with a friend just last night about flirting and being flirtatious. When do we know we have crossed the line between harmless and harmful flirting? What would some describe as differences between flirting and being flirtatious. In my opinion and like I told my friend I think flirting becomes harmful when it is habitual. One can be flirtatious at times or all of the time but discretion is the key. Even though the word does not necessarily have a negative connotation to it flirting easily crosses the line into promiscuity which equates to being overly open with one's affections. I love my friend dearly and find her to be the sweetest person with a very charming personality but in her defense for being flirtatious she stated she's not really doing anything wrong...WRONG, she is what she is doing is leaving a doorway open to all the random folks she has flirted with to be able to enter her life at any time. Not using discretion and even respecting the fact that the pursuit of compassionship, happiness, love or relationships should be done with exclusivity can be detrimental long term...
My good friend wanted me to shout her out today on the blog. So baby "this one's for you" : )

Luv Ya-T


  1. I swear I clicked on this b/c I thought it was going to be about flirting in iffy environments (like work).

    Heck, the ONLY reason I go on NB now is for the flirting! I guess I fall in the "harmful" category 'cause that ish is habit-forming. Watch--when the flirting dies down, you won't see me as much hahaha. Maybe that's a good thing, LOL.

    This is all very nebulous, Choco, hehe. You might want to mark this as "Private" or the rest of us could become a marauding troop of commenters looking for Choco shout-outs, haha! (kidding, kidding)