Monday, June 8, 2009

Can't Take No for An Answer???

Levi Bernard was a quiet high school senior who worked at McDonald's, wanted to be a carpenter and walked down the street with his nose buried in a Bible.
Born with a heart defect and deaf in one ear, the skinny 19-year-old Bronxite longed to fit in.
He didn't have a girl, and one autumn day he arranged to meet a stranger for sex over the internet.
Her name was Lovely, and the date ended in death.
"Lovely" turned out to be Latisha Lindsay, a 300-pound Bronx mom with a scary scowl- and Bernard turned her away at his door, prosecutors say.
Hours later, Lovely got revenge.
An armed trio burst into Bernard's Baychester apartment (after Lovely lied and said Levi raped her) and gunned down the 120-pound teen in front of his family-while Lovely egged them on.
"You're going to get yours," she reportedly gloated.
This month, close to five years after Bernard's murder, the last member of the vicious gang-Terry Bazemore, the man accused of firing the lethal bullet-will be brought to trial. Opening arguments are set for Tuesday.
Lindsay, now in an upstate prison, refused to discuss the Nov. 16, 2004, murder.Lindsay was acquitted of murder but is serving 10 years for burglary. Darren Gunter and Ron Gray were found guilty and are serving 20 years to life and 25 years to life, respectively.

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