Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chris Brown Was Forced To Beef Up His Security Over Death Threats??

Wow! Ths Sun Times is saying he thinks the person is going to try to act like paparazzi. Leave the kid alone stalker person, Rihanna will not personally thank you……

Ridiculous and I hope if this is the case the perpertrator trying to attack Chris is caught and brought to justice. These are young kids who had an argument that got out of hand and no I don't condone domestic violence but Rihanna has always been suspect to me as far as her personality and character traits she seemed clingy and needy enough to freak out when Chris didn't want her anymore...geesh I pray God protects this young man from the evil forces that are out to get him. It's rumored Jay-Z is at odds with Chris over the Rihanna saga-he has enough pull and power to set something like this up and if he associated with it I hope he is exposed as well.


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