Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Tale from A Groupie Starring Travis Barker

Now Travis may be a little bit thin for my taste, but that doesn't mean he still couldn't get it. Check the story below...
P.S. I tried to change the cap size on each of the words to lowercase, but I got tired after a while, so don't kill me. lol
I met Travis a while back on the set of The Game's video "Dope Boyz" while me and my sister were visiting LA! I was there because a friend of ours was a part of The Game's entourage. We were in The Game's trailor smoking and drinking when there was a knock on the door. Travis Barker comes in with some jeans a fitted [hat] and no shirt, showing off them tattoos! My panties instantly got wet! Anyone who knows we knows I've always had a thing for him. Anywaysss..Game asked him if he picked Up "Them Blunt Wraps." Trav Said Yea And Pulled A Box Of Wraps Out His Pocket. I Guess He Didn't Realize He Also Pulled Out A Condom That Fell On The Floor. The Same One That Would Be Used On Me Later That Night! So I Picked Up The Condom N Said "Hey U Dropped This" Handing It Back To Him. He Smiled At Me And Had That Look In His Eyes That Said "Girl If U Only Knew What I Would Do To U". That's When I Knew It Was Goin Down. So He Asked My Sister Would She Mind Movin Down So He Could Sit Next To Me. She Did. When He Sat Down He Handed Me A Nic Of Weed And A Wrap n Said Can I Roll It Up! I Told Him I Didn't Know How n He Said Lemme Show U! As Im Watchin Him Lick The Wrap N Roll Our Blunt All I Could Think About Is How Good That Tongue Would B If He Were Usin It On Me Instead. Well Anyway, We All Smoked This Tighly Rolled L, Then We Were Chillin N Talkin n Laughin N Listenin To Game Talk About How Lame G-Unit Is! (Why Is He Still On That). I Guess Travis Didn't Wanna Hear It Anymore Cause He Grabbed My Hand n Took Me To The Bathroom In The Back Of The Trailor. Wen We Got In There He Asked Me If I Ever Fucked A White Boy! I Told Him No N He Said Well If U Fuck Me I Bet You Wonder Why U Never Have! So I Looked At Him Bit My Lip n Said Actions Speak Louder Then Words! So At This Point In My Head Im Thinkin Its About To Happen. Im Gettin Wetter By The Minute! We Start To Kiss. [[He's Not The Best Kisser. A Lil To Much Tongue, But That Worked Wonders For Me Later That Night]]. After About 5 Minutes Of Kissin N Rubbin..He Goes For My Belt. He Looked At Me N Asked Me If It Was Okay To Take It Off. I Told Him Yea! Just When He Pulled My Panties Game Knocked On The Door N Said They Had To Shoot The Last Seen Of The Video! Ugggh. I Was Soo Mad! So As I'm Gettin Dressed Trav Asked Me For My Number. He Said, We're Gonna Finish What We Started. So I Gave Him The Number. Me n My Sister Left Back To Our Hotel. So Some Time Passes. At Around 3am my Fone Starts Ringing. Im Sleepin So I Don't Pick It Up! Ten Minutes Later Its Ringin Again N My Sister Yelled At Me To Pick Up My Damn Phone. So I Pick Up And Its Mr Barker!!!! He Was Like Hey. Sorry I Called So Late But When Money Calls I Gotta Answer! I Told Him i Like The Way He Thinks. He Told Me He Was Sorry To Wake Me Up n Normally He Wud Let Me Sleep But Since He Was Leaving To Miami In A Few Hours He Wanted To See Me Before He Left! I Told Him Where I Was And He Was There In Under 45 Minutes. While I Was Waiting For Him To Get There I Was Tryin To Get My Sister To Leave But She Was Sleepin n Anybody Who Knows Her Knows That If She's Sleepin Its Gonna Take Hours To Wake Her Up! So Wen I Heard The Knock On The Door I Gave Up Tryin. I Went To Open The Door For Travis n Told Him Can We Go Sumwhere Cause My Sister Is Sleepin On The Other Bed n She's Not Budgin! He Grabbed My Waist N Said Don't Worry We'll B Quiet! So We Go To My Bed N Lay Down. We Start To Kiss! He Asked Me Would I Mind Givin Him Head.. So I Got Down To It. I Sucked On It For A Good 10 Minutes. Until I Felt Like He Was About To Cum. He Stopped Me N Said He's Wasn't Ready To Nut Yet. He Whispered To Me Im A Gentleman So I Have To Return The Favor. Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! The Way He Eats P*ssy Shud B A Felony! That Was The First Time I Ever Came From Oral! So Then He Slips On A MAGNUM! [What They Say About white Men Doesn't Apply To Them All]. He Went Right To Work. He Was Dickin Me Down For A Good 45 Minutes. I Squirted For The First Time. I Couldn't Believe A White Boy Was Doin This To Me. Then I Got On Top. Did My One Two Thing. N Fell Over After. We Laid In The Bed For About 15 Minutes Just Talkin n laughin. Then He Asked If He Could Take A Shower. While He Was In The Bathroom I Smacked My Sisters Face To Wake Her Up To Tell He What Happened. She Laughed N Said I Know Bitch I Was Watchin. Lol. So Anyway.. I Went In The Bathroom To Make Sure He Had A Towel. He Told Me To Come In The Shower. He Bent Me Over n Hit It From The Back! HARD! After we Got Out The Shower He Got Dressed n Said He Had A Good Time n That We Shud Stay In Touch. He Left! Me n My Sister Ordered Room Service. While We Were Eatin I Got A Text From Travis That Said "If You Find Another White Man Who Can Do What I Did I'll Pay You A Million Dollars Cash. Talk To U Wen I Land In Miami". [[His Confidence Is Such A Turn On]]. I Laughed. Deleted His Number. N Went On About My Life. I Got Wanted.

Wow I think I like this story better than the Paul Walker I just happen to have wee bit crush on Travis : )



  1. Choco, you are clearly colored by a bias... that PW tale was the shiz! I give it an A+ for entertainment... Trav's tale gets an A for being trifling enough to do it with the sis in the next bed! Not as much dirty detail in this one, hahaha

  2. @1000 I am not I have other Groupie tales about black men....LOL

  3. @ Choco: I was saying you're definitely working on a bias if you think the Travis story was better than the Paul story--not that you're biased toward white boy tales/away from black tales! you crazy, girl! :)