Friday, June 12, 2009

Final Destination: The Real Deal...

Some true believers say when it’s your turn to go, only Divine intervention can alter your fate. In the case of Johanna Gantheler, God intervened to alter her fate when death came calling on her twice in two weeks.
Ganthler was supposed to be among the 228 souls on board Air France flight 447 that broke apart in midair and plunged into the sea hours after taking off from Rio de Janeiro on May 31.
But Ganthler missed flight 447 to Paris after arriving late with her husband at the Rio de Janeiro airport that day. Gantheler had been on vacation in Brazil with her husband. The couple caught a flight to Paris the following day.
Fate finally caught up with the Ganthelers one week later in Kufstein, Austria. Mrs. Ganthler was killed when the car they were riding in swerved across a road into an oncoming truck. Mr. Ganthler survived the crash with serious injuries.
The news of Mrs. Ganthlers dance with death has fueled religious debates in chat rooms across the globe.

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