Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Black Mob Boss

James “Jimmy The Juice” Springette was a big time drug baller/money launderer.
Springette launched the ‘Island Boys’ organization in 1991.
This criminal empire was responsible for the importation of 1,000 kilos of cocaine imported into the United States and the Virgin Islands on a bi-weekly basis.
Springette also operated in Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, England, France and various Caribbean Islands.
Springette also headed a money laundering operation that laundered over $100 million dollars per year in dirty money. Clients included: Drug kingpins from every country, organized crime figures and mob bosses.
With this type of success, Springette became the first African-American to become a ‘made man’ in the Colombian mafia. He also became a high-level soldier with the most powerful drug cartel in Colombia.
Springette held the distinction of being atop the United States Customs Top 15 list, as well as the FBI’s Top Ten list.
For relaxation, Springette partied on yachts, always in the company of stunning women. He also had a passion for exotic sports cars and he often attended functions at palatial mansions.
His ‘Island Boys’ organization was responsible for two murders, shooting a police officer and beating another police officer.
Two of the Island Boys were arrested, while riding in a prison bus, Springette and various mob soldiers hijacked the bus and freed the prisoners.
Springette arranged for the $300,000 purchase of a cargo freighter that later was seized carrying 6,000 kilograms of cocaine.
In 1996, Springette was wanted in the British Virgin Islands for allegedly attempting to kill a police officer. When police tried to stop a vehicle carrying 2 tons of cocaine, Springette and his men allegedly opened fire with automatic weapons, wounding officers.
In 1999, Springette was arrested in Colombia pursuant to a provisional arrest warrant. While pending extradition, Springette escaped custody from a prison in Bogota, Colombia.
On November 5, 2002 police arrested Springette in a shopping mall in Venezuela. Springette tried to escape custody but was quickly apprehended.
On Sept. 19, 2003, Springette pleaded guilty to running a cocaine smuggling operation.


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